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The "Center for Humanitarian Demining and Expertise" SNCO hosted the group of demining experts from the United States of America.


From 24–26 June, 2024, the “Center for Humanitarian Demining and Expertise" SNCO hosted the group of demining experts from the United States of America. 
A number of issues related to establishing and developing cooperation were discussed during the meeting with the “CHDE” SNCO managerial staff.
“CHDE” SNCO director Vaghinak Sargsyan highly appreciated the cooperation between the RA and USA in the sphere of mine action.
-    The Armenian-American cooperation in mine action started in 2002, which was interrupted for some reason and now we are excited to restart it again. Over the past three years, our capacity has grown considerably and the scope of work has increased. Today, the "CHDE" SNCO staff is also involved in the humanitarian demining operations in the contaminated areas that appeared as a result of demarcation and delimitation. Areas contaminated with  landmines and unexploded ordnance affect the villagers that is why we highly emphasize the importance to clear the lands as quick as possible so that our citizens will be able to move more freely and safely and to cultivate the lands. Of course, all this becomes a reality thanks to professional and skilled specialists who are trained at “CHDE” SNCO Training Center which constantly needs to be developed and equipped with modern technical means
During the meeting the “CHDE” had a presentation introducing the current activities in mine action as well as the capacities of the “CHDE” Training Center. 
The U.S. experts expressed their readiness to restart the partnership with the “CHDE” SNCO in mine action.  
-    Yes, we are aware that once the Center for Humanitarian Demining cooperated with one of the programs of the U.S. State Department, but it was stopped. We would be glad to restart and enhance our partnership,- mentioned Christopher Claire, the representative of the Humanitarian Demining Training Unit, U.S. Department of Defense, program analyst.
During the meeting, possible ways of cooperation, exchange of experience, training of specialists and development of cooperation in humanitarian mine action were discussed. The delegation, accompanied by the "CHDE" management staff, visited Kechut settlement, Vayots dzor region where the “CHDE” deminers carry out clearance of the areas contaminated as a result of military actions.     
The guests visited RA MoD, accompanied by the "CHDE" and had a meeting with officials of the Ministry of Defense, RA. 
The U.S. experts also visited historical and cultural places of Armenia.